Telephone services with certified credit card collection




    Per Minute

How it works

  • The user can purchase minutes of access to the service by simply calling the appropriate telephone number and then selecting the desired denomination using the telephone keypad, with the support of a detailed, multilingual voice guide.

  • Entering the credit card number completes the short automated payment procedure without the intervention of any human operator, in full compliance with the PCI-DSS certification that has adopted, including the encryption of all calls received and card numbers (PAN).

  • Immediately after the positive outcome of the transaction, obtained in a few seconds thanks to the interconnection with international payment gateways, the user accesses the service, consuming the credit even in multiple phone calls. The latter is associated with its unique calling number (CLI), thus eliminating the need for inconvenient access PINs.

  • An SMS notification and also email inform the user of the transaction that has been completed.

  • Transactions can also be made online and through all mobile devices.

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