Telephone services with certified credit card collection


It operates in the international telephone services market. It offers paid telephone services. It is interfaced with the main Italian and foreign Payment Gateways. It carries out validations with its own platform in all countries and in all currencies of Visa - MasterCard - American Express - Visa Electron, Diners, PayPal credit cards via telephone and internet payment page.


Telephone services are provided on their own geographical numbers. There is no portability. The Services are live. In case of problems with our services, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Partners are companies active in the pay telephone services sector that intend to promote services with credit card payment.


The Partner will agree on the methods of promoting credit card payment services as part of its commercial offer.


The contract comes into force from the date of signature by the Parties unless otherwise agreed and will have a duration of 12 (twelve) months. Both parties have the right to withdraw from the contract, to be exercised by sending written communication to the other party, by registered letter with return receipt, with at least 30 (thirty) days' notice. The following constitute grounds for immediate withdrawal: (a) subjecting one of the Parties to bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings; (b) placing one of the two Parties into liquidation; (c) subjecting the assets of one of the two Parties to seizure or other restriction. Any agreement that modifies and/or integrates the stipulated contract must be in written form, under penalty of nullity. The contract is governed by Italian law and the competent court will be that of Genoa alone.


The remuneration is calculated as a percentage based on the value of the top-ups performed by the Users and is paid monthly. The Partner acknowledges that TELECASH.IT payments are linked to the actual collection of the sums from the banking institutions that authorize the transactions. Payments withheld due to dispute or other reasons by banking institutions, provided they are documented, entail a reduction or refund of the same amount.


TELECASH.IT and the PARTNERS are aware of the confidentiality of the information processed and undertake not to provide to third parties, even on behalf of their staff and collaborators, any data, news or information concerning the activities covered by the collaboration and to do the same a use that does not cause harm to the other Party. Each Party guarantees to the other, even after the end of the period of validity of the Contract, the secrecy of all documents, data and any information of which it becomes aware during the performance of the Service covered by the same. In case of violation of the above obligation, the injured Party may claim compensation for damages from the other Party, without prejudice to the right to terminate this Contract pursuant to art. 1456 Civil Code. The Parties undertake, each within their own sphere of competence, to fully respect what is established regarding the processing of personal data pursuant to the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree 06-30-2003 n.196) and any other applicable legislation during the course of this Contract on the matter. The Parties mutually acknowledge that all data and electronic archives are the property of the Parties, each to the extent of their own competence.

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