Certified credit card payment platform for telephone services

The company

  • PSP

    Telecash.it is a payment service provider specializing in the income from and supply of paid telephone services.



    Telecash.it is a certified PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard)

  • API

    Telecash.it has at its disposition API for the integration of informative and operative services.

Telephone services paid by credit card.

The product

  • What we offer

    A proprietary platform for telephone payment (IVR) and Internet payment (protected webpage form) to monetize the supply of paid telephone services.


  • To Whom

    The platform is for use by National Telephone Operators, Local Telephone Operators, Resellers and Providers in general for the commercialization to its Business clientele.


  • What does it do?

    The platform manages – conforming to international standards of security – credit card payment services dedicated to telephone services.

Characteristics and Strong Points of the Telecash.it Platform

  • Externalization

    The telephone operator is completely eliminated by setting up a dedicated, certified PCI-DSS structure.

  • White label

    Business clientele has his chosen operator as a reference point without perceiving the operations of Telecash.

  • International

    The Telecash platform is usable by Operators, Companies and Users in any country.

  • Transactions in every currency

    Through conventions activated with national and international acquirers, we can transact in any currency recognized by Visa and MasterCard.

  • Maximum interface ability

    It is interfaced and interface-able with any other form of payment - starting with PayPal - for the execution of automatic online telephone credit recharges.

  • Its Own Telephone Network

    International gathering and termination of telephone traffic with TDM and VOIP technology.

  • Data Center with Maximum Security

    Secure Data: our data center is physically situated in the offices of an Italian Telephone Operator of upmost importance. Operations are guaranteed through the most up-to-date Vmware virtualization and disaster recovery technology.


Contact us for information

Servizi per Operatori Telefonici

We invite Telephone Operators, Resellers and Providers to contact us to discover all the solutions you can offer your Business clientele.

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