Certified credit card payment platform for telephone services


Telecash.it is a certified PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Payment Service Provider that operates in the international telephone service market and in general payment services by telephone. It has Italian and Foreign telephone numerations and is in possession of the necessary access contracts and network capabilities. It is interfaced with the principle Italian and Foreign Payment Gateways. With its proprietary platform, Telecash.it performs validations of all major credit cards (Visa - MasterCard - American Express - Visa Electron, Diners, PayPal) by telephone and online in any country and in all the currencies accepted by the above mentioned payment methods.


The telephone services are distributed through geographic numbers and thus are available to all users without restriction. The costs are concorded with our Partners. The Services can be recorded or live. For live calls, each numeration corresponds to one or more termination numbers to which the user-originated calls are directed.


The Partners are the Companies that are active in the pay telephone service sector. These are Operators, Resellers and Providers that intend to include in their commercial offers to business clients geographic numeration for the distribution of additional telephone services by credit card payment.


TELECASH.IT surl works to furnish all the necessary technology and telephone messaging in order to dispatch the payment procedures by telephone with the use of credit cards on the following circuits: Visa - MasterCard – American Express  - Visa Electron – Diners – PayPal and with web pages for internet payment by Italian and foreign users. It performs a service of constant maintainance and updating of the technical material. It provides redemption data and its values for marketing. It has the necessary API for the integration of the Telecash payment service in the Premium numeration offer.


The necessary technical personnel are available to guarantee the technical and operational management of the services.


TELECASH.it surl works to correct in the shortest time possible eventual defects present in its equipment and programs.


TELECASH.IT surl can not be held responsible for technical problems deriving from the telecommunication network of providers - be they landline or mobile - or deriving from informatic interbanking systems that carry out the validation processes of the credit card.


The Partners will concord the modalities of promotion of the additional telephone services paid by credit card within the scope of their own commercial offers.


The Contract will become effective from the date of underwriting by the Parties unless otherwise specified and will have a duration of 12 (twelve) months. Both parties have the right to recede from the contract - notification sent to the other party by written communication and by certified mail - with at least 60 (sixty) days notice. These are motives for immediate recession of contract: (a) subjection of one of the Parties to bankruptcy procedures or competition; (b) liquidation of one of the Parties; (c) the sequester or other such asset freezing action of one of the Parties. Any agreement that modifies or integrates the stipulated contract must be communicated in writing, on penalty of contract nullification. The contract is regulated by Italian Law and the competent governing body will be exclusively that of Genova.


The remuneration is calculated in percentages based on the value of the recharges executed by users. From the first of each month a panel assigned to the Partner is available regarding billing authorization. Standard payment occurs  monthly – by direct deposit – upon receipt of billing statement. Note that the TELECASH.it payments are bound to the effective collection of amounts from the Banking Institutes that authorize the transactions. Payments held for contestation or for other motives by the Banking Institutes, because they are documented, are subject to a curtailment or restitution of equal amount.


Requests for a refund are accepted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within the period of 14 days after the order is placed.
We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues with our services: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in accordance with Italian law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian Courts.


TELECASH.it and PARTNERS are aware of the reserved nature of the information handled and work not to furnish to third parties, even in the name of our own personnel and colaborators, said information, news, or information concerning the activity subject of the collaboration and to use this same information in such a way as not to cause prejudice to the other Party.
Each of the Parties guarantees to the other, even after the end of the contract validity period, the reserved nature of all documents, data and all information of which it has knowledge for the completion of the Service subject of the same. In case of violation of this obligation the injured Party may ask the other Party for compensation of damages, except for in the right of the resolution of the present contract in accordance with art. 1456 of the Civil Code. The Parties work, each one regarding its own competence, to fully respect all that has been herein established regarding the handling of personal data in accordance with the Privacy Code (D.L. 30-06-2003 n.196) and all other applicable norms and regulations in this regard for the duration of the present Contract. The Parties take act that all of the data and electronic archives are the property of the Parties, each regarding its own competence.

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